Made for ever
kamado B10 will be there in your best moments when surrounded by family and friends
The only one hand made
The kamado B10 is traditionally manufactured following the ancient Japanese technique
Eat & Enjoy
The KB10 is the most sophisticated grill and clay oven, a superb smoker and all in all the most delightful and efficient way to cook and bake
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Made for ever

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One model for every need

Create unique
flavours with your
kamado B10

Outstanding design,
premium materials
and a thousand
year old

Still unsure?

The secrets of the kamado B10 are waiting for you

With your kamado B10 you will discover a new world of flavours. You will find out that the KB10 is not just a “clay oven”, it will become your first choice when you seek to delight your family and friends. And surely, it will change your way of life.

Created by those who know the most about kamados

kamado B10 Germany Hand Made

Unique characteristics of the kamado B10


The kamado B10 is the only authentic “kamado” in the world. Why? According to Japanese tradition, it has to be made of clay in order to be called a “kamado”. Clay is a natural material that cannot be machined but only be processed by hand. This is why every single clay part of the KB10 is still hand made.


Surrounding heat “seals” the surface of meat and food of any kind, retaining juices, colours and flavours. Smoking food is also possible using different types of wood, herbs and spices. With the KB10 you can gently cook at very low temperatures around 70 °C and even below.

kamado B10 Germany 100% hand made


Depending on the model only 500 g or 1.5 kg of charcoal is needed. The KB10 easily ignites and reaches the working temperature in around 15 minutes. It is not necessary to refill charcoal during the barbecue or constantly supervise it. The temperature inside the kamado is controlled by simply setting two valves. Closing both valves will extinguish the fire and slowly cool the KB10 down.

kamado B10 Hand made in Germany


Ideal for balconies, terraces, galleries and kitchens, thanks to the fact that it emits only very little smoke. Furthermore there is no risk of flying sparks or embers. Safety comes first! Your KB10 will never get so hot that you get injured when you touch it.


kamado B10 Art

Customize your kamado

Fabergé’s legacy in true Culinary Art.

At kamado B10, design and customization are paramount in all our decisions, that’s why we work together with renowned local artists to design your new unique kamado B10 Art together with you.

They will create a work of art according to your needs, which you will complete every time you cook.

This is how culinary ART really evolves!

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